Ways to Obtain A Huge Jury Decision from a Man That Got 60 Million Total in 2 Years.

How To Get A Big Jury Verdict from a Guy That Got 60 Million Total in 2 Years 

Lie, cheat, take, deceive, control and spin the truths. Yes, this is the imagine most individuals have of lawyers and our legal system. Unfortunately, oftentimes, those perceptions are fairly accurate.

However, that isn’t the means to absolutely win in our legal system. This article will briefly discuss the genuine tricks.

My name is Sean Callagy, the founder as well as President of Callagy Law, a New Jacket, New york city and Arizona law practice.

In 2014 I got a 33 million dollar judgment. In 2016 I acquired a 27.5 million buck judgment. That places me in a micro percentage group of lawyers that could make that statement.

Matt Damon, in the Rainmaker, makes a profound comment at the end of the movie when he determines to leave the legislation after an amazing victory of truth over lies. Basically, Damon’s character muses that to keep doing it, he would likely need to become the evil he merely beat. The very same evil he asked if he even bore in mind when he marketed out.

Commonly, I really feel by doing this in this occupation. The amount of lies and also gamesmanship that exist is enough making any kind of suitable human being intend to give up the mankind. After that, you discover your reasonable share of judges that let it go on, and even enable it.

So, if you cannot beat ’em, join ’em, right?


Stability, credibility and unbelievable hard work are the real tricks to success in our greatest system of lie detection in the world: the jury trial.

I think that phonies just win when they confront the much less competent or effort lawyer.

The healthy advantage of managing phonies regardless is that they have no idea when to stop existing. They exist a lot that they begin to believe their very own lies. Judges can end up being rather anesthetized to lying as well.

Juries, nevertheless, despise liars and also lying. If you tell one lie as an attorney, and also the various other individual techniques matters by including honesty, then the liar remains in big trouble every single time.

You see, juries, like all individuals, want to believe and also find great in our system. They do not anticipate to, yet are very nicely shocked when they do. It restores their faith.

I believe that a lot of attorneys do not obtain this. They will attempt to hide, duck, evade or flat out lie, to stay clear of problems in their thens. That could help some time, but it does not work prior to a court.

In both of these cases where I had the privilege of representing my customers, I think the truth came beaming with to the jury. That reality consisted of acknowledging particular facts about the celebrations and the problems.

Nonetheless, it is not enough to recognize an issue as well as play down it. Everyone claims “attract the sting” from your issues. The actual inquiry is whether the court believes what you believe. Your credibility, as a legal representative, is everything in front of the jury. Attempt to cheat on truth merely a little bit, and you are the existing lawyer they anticipated. Then, you far better hope that the other man or lady is additionally viewed as an existing lawyer and hope the court believes you and your customer is the lower of two wickedness.

On the other hand, would not it be much easier to be the voice of stability, and therefore authority, in the court room?

It takes a ton of work to make this type of presentation. Like Matt Damon suggested though, would you want to do it differently?

If you would certainly ever before wish to discuss “how” to do this by including a person that’s been blessed to do it, then please reach out as well as call me.

Incidentally, the court awarded 8 as well as 16 million in compensatory damages in these two cases. Just how do you think the juries perspective on stability as well as authenticity factored right into those decisions?

Sean Callagy, Proprietor/ Owner of Callagy Law

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